How To Open A Salon

Before completing the steps below, it may be helpful to review the West Virginia Small Business Development website for information and assistance about starting your own business.  For more information, please click here

Complete the steps below to open a salon/shop in West Virginia:

  1. Complete the Shop Opening and License Application, Shop Opening and License Application. Please Note: This new Shop Opening and License Application reduces paper work from three forms to one.  This single form replaces the Shop Opening Form, Electrical Certification Form, and the Shop License Form.
  2. Submit the completed Shop Opening and License Application with the $90.00 application fee and the signed Electrical Certification Statement on the form in step 1 twenty (20) days prior to opening your salon/shop.
  3. The Board office will send you a salon/shop opening letter which you must post in your salon/shop.  The salon/shop opening letter will serve as a temporary license for you to operate your salon/shop. After you have successfully completed steps 1-3 and receive your shop opening letter you may begin servicing clients in your salon/shop.
  4. The Board office will contact one of our inspectors to conduct a salon/shop opening inspection at your salon/shop as soon as possible.
  5. You must print out and post in your salon/shop Rules and Regulations. Rules and Regulations.
  6. All individuals renting a booth or paid by commission must have a Booth Rental Certificate to be renewed annually on July 1. Booth or Chair Rental Registration. Any person working at the salon/shop that does not have their taxes withheld from their pay must be registered with the Board office as a Booth Renter. For IRS tax guidelines for the cosmetology and barber industry, please go to
  7. The inspector will schedule a visit to ensure your salon/shop has the required equipment, can promote a safe and sanitary environment, and the proper layout needed for operating a salon.
  8. If you need to make corrections, the inspector will schedule another inspection date with you.
  9. If all requirements are met, the inspector will notify the Board office on your behalf that the salon/shop meets all requirements.  Once the Board office receives approval notification from the inspector, your shop license will be mailed to you. Please know the 10 most common violations in a salon and help prevent these violations. Ten Most Common Violations in a Salon.


Laws governing the operation of a salon or shop in West Virginia

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